DIYers, by their very nature, don’t ask for help. 

They will gladly go it alone, and if they face a challenge, they’ll still find a way to get the job done. 

We all have DIYers in our family, but when the holiday season rolls around, we struggle finding them the perfect gift. They seemingly have everything and don’t often give clues about what they want or need. 

E-commerce sites have already warned consumers about product shortages and shipping delays, so there are two keys in 2021 to find the perfect gift for DIYers: start early and shop local. 

This year, technology, mobility and organization are the gifts of choice for DIYers. Below is a holiday gift guide for the DIYer on your list. 

Smart Home 

The term “smart” is a buzzword this holiday season. Tech-savvy DIYers can simplify their lives by installing Wi-Fi-enabled devices throughout their homes, including thermostats, lights, security cameras, deadbolt locks, doorbells and more. Grill masters can even connect BBQ grills and smokers to their smartphones to control temperatures, allowing them to grill low and slow for hours from the comfort of their couch. 

Storage Solutions 

DIYers need a place to put their stuff. Tool chests have always been a safe gift, but today’s DIYers don’t just operate from their garage. They are mobile, so they need tools that travel. Manufacturers now produce modular, interlocking storage systems, as well as backpack tool bags, tool boxes and tool totes that are versatile and durable. 

Drill Kits 

The knock against cordless drills used to be that they weren’t as powerful as corded drills. Technology has overcome that bridge, though, and with DIYers being more mobile, as noted above, their drills need to be mobile, too. Combo drill kits can include multiple drills, drill bits, torque impact wrenches, batteries and more, all neatly packaged inside a durable carrying case. 

Outdoor Power Equipment 

From chainsaws and trimmers to lawnmowers and pressure washers, there are a multitude of machines to keep lawns, shrubs, trees and a home’s exterior looking sharp. Take a walk through a DIYer’s garage or storage shed to check out what’s there, what’s broken and what’s missing. That will help determine what to buy. 

Paint Accessories

Sometimes, it takes a little nudge to start a DIY project. Consider a gift box or basket full of everything to complete a paint project around the house – brushes, rollers, sandpaper, paint tape, drop cloths, paint trays and a bucket of paint with your favorite color. If you include enough brushes for the whole family, it could be a fun project everyone can enjoy. 

Outdoor Accessories 

Southwest Floridians enjoy year-round opportunities for outdoor DIY projects, like designing an elegant outdoor living space or enhancing curb appeal through a landscaping refresh. The heat and sun can take a toll, though. DIYers need a good pair of polarized sunglasses to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays and eliminate glare while also giving them a sense of style, as well as an insulated mug, tumbler, bottle or cooler to keep beverages cold. 

Gift Cards 

When in doubt, gift cards are always appreciated. Physical gift cards and e-gift cards allow DIYers to buy whatever they want, whenever they want, so it’s hard to go wrong with a gift card. 

DIYers are a unique breed, but buying the right gift will make them happy and just might make your home cleaner, sharper, more colorful and smarter. 

– By Scott Hamblen, chief operating officer at Sunshine Ace Hardware.